Haddenham Medical Centre

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01844 293300 Dr Mark Howcutt, Dr Nicola Wells, Dr Karen West, Dr Kaiser Munir, Dr Briony Rixon

Patient Participation Group

The Haddenham Medical Centre Patient Participation Group (PPG) has been in existence since 2012. The aims of the PPG are to:-

  • Offer patient feedback about their experiences with the surgery
  • Help the practice improve their services
  • Help the practice make the best use of their resources
  • Improve communication
  • Help to promote good health
  • Influence decisions about which services are provided
  • Offer practical support to the practice

If you are registered as a patient of Haddenham Medical Centre and would like to be involved in helping to shape the way that health care is delivered, please send an email to the PPG Chairman expressing your interest. This will give him your email address, and allow him to keep you in the communication loop. Alternatively, please drop a written note into the Medical Centre, addressed to the ‘PPG Chairman’ providing your telephone number as well as your address.

PPG Chairman: Keith Milmer (email: chairman@theppg.org)

PPG Vice Chairman: Barry Lynch (email: barrylynch@gmail.com)

The minutes of the PPG meetings and Annual Reports are available below:

For more information about Haddenham Medical Centre PPG 200 Club Lottery 2016 please Click Here.


Minutes of Meeting held at 7.00pm on Thursday 23rd March 2017

Present:  Keith Milmer (Chairman), Barry Lynch (Vice Chair), Dr. M. Howcutt, Ellen Solley (Practice Manager) and 17 members

  1. The Chairman welcomed everyone and introduced Carol Hayward from CarersBucks
  2. Presentation by CarersBucks

CarersBucks are based at Stoke Mandeville Hospital and are available for the wards and visitors. There are 7 million unpaid carers in the UK and too many are hidden. Bucks has over 50,000 carers at present and three-in-five of us may become carers at some point in our lives. The services of family/friend carers amount to a saving for the UK economy of £839 million per year. CarersBucks has 10,000 registered aged from 60 to 90+ and offer lots of support and practical advice to carers. All details can be found on their website: www.carersbucks.org

  1. Practice Report.

The Practice Manager advised there are two new staff members, Patricia in reception and Sarah an HCA who will be taking clinics after some training courses. Three members of staff are in training for charity events. Dr Wells will be 100 lengths swim, Rachel will do a skydive for bowel cancer and Dr Munir is doing a marathon.

There are a number of information events planned at the Medical Centre. On Thursday 30th March a Prostate Cancer Day with volunteers to talk about their experience. On Wednesday 24th May a Bowel Cancer Information Day with a rep to talk. We are awaiting a date for an Autism awareness event.

Dr Howcutt then gave a presentation on how GPs should be working in the next few years called GP “Working at Scale.” Historically GPs worked single handed, often from home with the wife as a receptionist, secretary, and social worker. Over time things changed and partnerships were formed. Now many surgeries have merged. GPs are now being asked to work at a scale of 30-50,000 patients and required to offer their services seven days per week with 8am to 8pm clinics. They have integrated hubs, district nurses, paramedics, pharmacy and physiotherapists. The practice has discussed working with others locally, to share ideas, training and bulk buying. Dr Howcutt doesn’t know what the future holds but says we are in a good place at present. We have an amazing team, a stable group of young GPs committed to long term, a single site building, offering GP training and with exciting projects on the horizon. Dr Howcutt explained that the practice does not think that a merger, at the moment, is in the best interest of patients or practice.

  1. CCG Southern Area Meeting.

A Change in the involvement of PPGs in the Southern Area Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) meetings is proposed. The PPG reps will be asked in future to meet after the main CCG meeting to discuss their needs and give feedback.

  1. Members Issues.

The reorganisation of the reception area had been discussed but this is considered impractical. The second receptionist is available at the front desk but appears under-utilised. Steps will be taken actively to direct patients to the second receptionist when the first desk is busy.

  1. The 200 Club – future purchases for the Medical Centre

A suggestion was made to purchase historical pictures of the village to put in the surgery, particularly to engage those patients with dementia. Members present were not overly-enthusiastic about this idea and commented that they preferred purchases of medical equipment and items of more general benefit to patients. A request for four new high-rise armchairs for less mobile patients was agreed at a cost of £936.

  1. Any other Business – None
  2. Date of Next Meeting was agreed as Thursday 25th May 2017