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Switching on Coded Data for Patients


Haddenham Medical Centre plans for switching on the coded data option in EMIS to allow patient access to their medical record via patient.emisaccess.co.uk

General facts

  • Access to coded data is an enhancement of the EMIS on-line access we already offer to patients which allows them to book appointments and order medication. Patients will not have to re-register to gain access to coded data.
  • Agreement is – practices make access to coded data available as long as the information is not deemed harmful to the patient.
  • Access can be denied by GP if felt in patient’s best interests
  • Access will not be granted to children aged 11 -17 years old

Plans to implement coded data switch on

  • The EMIS system for Haddenham Medical Centre will be set up by 31st March 2016 and ready for patients to be able to view their coded data once it has been approved by their GP.
  • Patients to be informed that full access to coded data can take up to 10 working days to be applied. On-line services for appointments and medication requests should be available within a few working days.