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Private Therapists

We are first and foremost an NHS practice providing medical services free at the point of use. There are, however, some services provided by the practice that are not covered by the NHS. This work includes services such as writing medical reports, completing forms or arranging medical examinations for employment, travel or sports. Details of the charges are available from reception.

Some immunisations for travel are not covered by the NHS and details of these will be provided by the practice nurse.

We also have private therapists working from the practice and their details are below.

Physiotherapy – Sara Rydings MCSP

Physiotherapy sees human movement as central to the health and well being of individuals. We aim to maximise movement potential through health promotion, preventative healthcare, treatment and rehabilitation. Core skills are manual therapy, therapeutic exercise and application if needed of electrotherapy.

Physiotherapists treat muscle and joint aches, pains and injuries for non-athletes, weekend warriors or serious athletes, musculoskeletal pain for all ages and abilities and pre and postoperative care for spinal, shoulder, wrist, hand, hip, knee, and ankle surgery.

Sara graduated from Liverpool in 1978 and worked in the NHS before moving into the private sector working for BUPA on the Wirral from 1983 until 1991 when she moved to Buckinghamshire.

Sara worked as head physiotherapist at the Paddocks Physiotherapy and Sports Injuries Department in Princes Risborough until 1999 when she started private practice in Thame. She also worked for the RAF as a civilian physiotherapist until recently. She has extensive experience of treating back and neck pain, sports injuries, ligament sprains, repetitive strains, joint injury, and pain. Problems caused by pain and stiffness in arthritis and rehabilitation following orthopaedic surgery. Sara aims to treat the underlying cause of injury and pain not just the symptoms.

Clinics at Haddenham Medical Centre

  • Tuesday 8:00am to 12 noon
  • Friday 8:00 am to 12 noon

If you wish to discuss your problem with Sara prior to making an appointment, please telephone telephone 07947 057357. Alternatively you can e-mail her at [email protected].  Appointments also available to book online.

Sports & Clinical Massage – Viv Slater, Move Well Massage, DipSRM, MSMA, MCNHC

Viv uses advanced sports and remedial massage techniques to reduce aches, prevent or rehabilitate injuries and help you move more freely. This type of treatment has a reputation of being for sports people, but it’s actually beneficial whatever your level of activity. Viv can help you to:

  • Reduce persistent aches and pains
  • Recover from recent, long-term or recurrent injury
  • Move, drive or sit more comfortably
  • Improve your posture
  • Relieve the symptoms of chronic illness such as osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis or fibromyalgia
  • Decrease the risk of injury and maximise performance in sport
  • Prepare for/recover from an important race or event

As well as providing local pain relief, Viv looks at the body as a whole to identify then treat the root cause of your issue by working with the soft tissue (muscles, tendons, ligaments and connective tissue). Viv develops a treatment plan tailored to your needs, and provides you with achievable exercises to keep you on track. Above all, Viv is passionate about helping patients to become more aware of their own body. She finds that this helps them to deal successfully with injury, pain or discomfort in daily life, and to do sports activities more comfortably and effectively.

Clinics at Haddenham Medical Centre:

  • Monday, Thursdays, Friday afternoons and Saturdays

Other appointments available on request – please contact Viv to arrange.
For further information please visit Viv’s website or contact her directly:

website: www.movewellmassage.co.uk
Email: [email protected]
Telephone: 07847 013293



Chartered Physiotherapist & APPI Pilates Instructor

T: 01844875212 | M: 07971814077

E: [email protected] | W: www.phoenixfreedom.co.uk

Hi I’m Rachel, Chartered Physiotherapist & APPI Pilates Instructor. I was first introduced to Pilates in 2013 and instantly fell in love with its versatility as an exercise regime. Whatever a person’s need Pilates can help. From a general wellbeing exercise regime to treating common injuries like back pain, through to even strength and conditioning training for high level athletes. This flexibility is what makes Pilates so popular!
Too often in my physio career I’ve got frustrated with the limitations of standard healthcare. I struggled with having to discharge clients before I could see them throughout their rehabilitation journey and recovery. Sadly, ongoing physiotherapy becomes too expensive.

Small group based Pilates classes provide an excellent way to offer specialist or personalised interventions at less than half the price of a physio consultation. At Phoenix Freedom we believe that our Pilates programmes ensure that you are targeting the right muscles to aid your rehabilitation; and that those muscles are being strengthened appropriately according to the needs of your body. At the same time, we work with you to improve other components such as balance, flexibility and coordination to help prevent future injury.

We are developing multi –disciplinary packages of care to meet your health needs alongside the exercise classes. We have recently launched an Ante Natal Programme – All Wrapped Up brought to you by experienced healthcare professionals in the field of perinatal care.

Please check out the website www.phoenixfreedom.co.uk for details on:

  • Ante Natal All Wrapped Up
  • The variety of tailored Pilates classes on offer from Active Seniors – where we modify exercises even if you struggle to get on and off the floor, before and after baby classes, horse riders, beginners to intermediates. There is the right class for you and your needs!