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If you require immediate emergency medical attention please dial 112 or 999 for the ambulance.

Appointment System

Patients can pre-book appointments online and via reception. These are particularly useful for patients with long term conditions who know they need to have periodic reviews with the GP.

All other requests for appointments (previously the ‘day only’ appointments) will be booked for a GP telephone consultation. Reception will take the request and pass to a GP who will call the patient and discuss. This discussion will lead the patient and the GP together making a decision on what is required. This may be:

  • A face to face appointment with the GP who made the call – this may be the same day or a date in the future, as required
  • A face to face appointment with another GP within the practice who is better able to deal with the problem being discussed
  • A face to face appointment with a member of the nursing team
  • The issue can be dealt with over the telephone. If, as a result of the telephone conversation, a prescription is required, we can send this to a nominated pharmacy.This saves the patient coming to the surgery if it is not required.
  • The issue needs to be dealt with by someone other than a member of the practice team; this may include self-care, local pharmacist, dentist, social care.

We monitor, record, store and use any telephone, email or other communication with you in order to check any instructions given to us, for training purposes, for crime prevention and to improve the quality of our services.

GP telephone assessment is a national system that has been developed and tested by the NHS Institute. The evidence shows that of all the requests for appointments, only approximately one third actually need to see a GP, one third needed to be seen by another member of the primary healthcare team (usually a member of the nursing team) and one third do not need to see anyone – the issue can be dealt with over the telephone.

This system will enable us to run more efficiently, better manage the demand for appointments and will ensure that those who need to see a GP should find it easier to be seen. The system should run more effectively for patients and the practice ensuring that the best service is accessed for each patient dependent on clinical need and assessment.

Previously, obtaining a face-to-face day only appointment depended on either waiting in the phone queue or coming to the surgery first thing in the morning. This system will ensure that everyone who wants an appointment will have a GP consultation but accessing a face-to-face appointment will be based on the need to see a GP rather than how quickly a patient can get to the phone each morning.

Since all appointment requests will initially be assessed by a GP, the GP can make a clinical assessment as to how quickly a patient needs to be seen and can book the appropriate appointment. For most patients this will continue to be on the same day but for a few patients this may mean a few days in advance. This may be particularly useful for patients who work. A request for a GP assessment call can be made with reception. When the GP calls they can discuss urgency vs convenience and agree an appointment time.

We have built into the surgery session a number of telephone assessment slots throughout the day. For patients who are calling to request an appointment, the expectation is that they will be called back within the hour. Patients will have a better idea of when the GP will call back and GPs should no longer find the patient is unavailable when they call-back as is often the case currently.

Patients will be able to request a specific GP to call them back if the GP has availability. Our aim is that this will happen whenever possible but we cannot guarantee this since it will depend also on the individual GP workload. It is helpful if you don’t mind which GP calls you; in this case one of the GPs working that day will call you – they will all have access to your complete medical record.

Since there is now no advantage in calling first thing, hopefully phone calls will be spread more evenly throughout the day. This should make it easier for patients to get through on the telephone and avoid the frustration patients feel at the moment with the queuing system.

Surgery Hours

Reception opening hours – every weekday from 8.00am to 12.30pm and 1.30pm to 6.00pm.

How to see a Doctor

Patients are seen by appointment only. Patients are free to choose between doctors in the practice or consult different doctors for specific problems. The majority of our appointments with doctors are available to be pre-booked in advance. This is particularly useful for review appointments or non-urgent problems. Subject to availability, this allows our patients to request an appointment with a particular doctor or at a convenient date and time.

If you are unable to keep any appointment, please let us know so that it may be offered to another patient. Appointments can be cancelled online if you have signed up for online access or via the text messaging system if you have signed up to this service.

Registering for the Online system

The site enables you to request repeat prescriptions, book appointments and change your contact details online. You can also see some elements of your medical records such as immunisations, allergies and medication. This access is due to be increased by 31 March 2016 to include test results and your medical record.

To use this system you need to register with the website:

Register with a letter

You can register by firstly visiting your practice in person and requesting a registration letter which will enable you to set up a full account. This needs to be requested when you visit the practice and will require identification

1. On the Patient Access homepage, click Register
2. On the registration screen, tick Yes
3. Enter the details from the letter, into the correct field (* indicates a required field)
4. Click Next
5. Enter your personal details, and create a password(* indicates a required field)
6. Click Next
7. Enter your contact details, and security question information (* indicates a required field)
Click Next, your User ID will not be displayed and your registration is complete.

Register without a letter

You can also register for the service online without a letter. This process will check to see if your practice uses Patient Access and create a basic account that allows you to book an appointment. If you use this option, to get access to the complete features that your practice offers you will need to visit them in person and take ID with you. (This service is only available in England)

1. On the Patient Access homepage, click Register
2. On the Registration screen, tick NO
3. Enter your GP Practice’s postcode, or your own postcode
4. Click Next
5. Select your GP practice
6. Click Next
7. Enter your personal details, and create a password(* indicates a required field),
8. Click Next
9. Enter your contact details, and security question information (* indicates a required field)
10. Click Next, your User ID will not be displayed and your registration is complete.

•In view of this greater access and to protect your data we will ask you to provide photo identification when you collect your log-in details. We apologise for any inconvenience this might cause but hope you will understand the reason.

The system is designed this way as the website allows access to your contact details and repeat prescription information which need to be kept secure.

Only after you have successfully registered, please click below to login.

Online Services

Please be aware that we will continue to offer some, but not all, of our appointments on-line. This is to ensure a fair system for patients with and those without computer access.

Telephone Advice

You may ask for advice from a Doctor or Nurse over the telephone. Our doctors hold telephone surgeries each day. If you feel your problem can be dealt with on the telephone, please leave your name, telephone number and a message with the receptionist . You will be given an approximate time of your reply and we ask you try to be available on your phone at that time. The doctor will return your call in the telephone surgery. These can be booked online or via Reception.

Home Visits

A home visit by the doctor, for someone who is too ill to attend the surgery in person, may be requested by telephoning the surgery before 10:00am. As facilities at the surgery for examination and treatment are so much more comprehensive, it is in your best interest to attend for an appointment rather than requesting a home visit. A doctor can also see four to six patients in the surgery in the same time required for a visit. A doctor will ring before visiting to assess the suitability of the request.

Medical Certificates

You do not normally need a sickness certificate for the first seven days of illness. The Statutory Sick Pay Regulations state that employers are required to accept self-certification notes (filled in by you) for the first seven days of illness. All employers must comply with these regulations. A self-certificate (form SC2) is available from reception, your employer or the post office. The doctors will not usually provide a sick note for absences less than 7 days. If your employer insists on a doctors sick note and the absence is under seven days then we can provide a private certificate – a fee will be charged.

For absences over 7 days, we will provide a doctors medical certificate. The doctor is obliged by law to see the patient for whom a certificate is given. If you are under the care of a hospital doctor, they will issue your certificate for an in patient stay or at an outpatient appointment.

Non-NHS Medical Examinations

Examinations for licenses for HGV and PSV drivers, adoption and insurance medicals etc. are not covered by the NHS. Please ask at the surgery and we will be able to advise you of the professional fee for such services before you book an appointment.

Dental Emergencies

You should see your dentist for regular check-ups. There should be an out of hours emergency service available with them once you have registered at a Dental Practice. If you are not registered at a dentist and have a dental problem, please contact NHS Direct for details of available dentists or the out-of-hours emergency dental service. Dental problems are the province of dentists, not doctors. Dentists will provide a dental assessment and provide the most appropriate dental treatment. They can prescribe both antibiotics and painkillers if required.